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Welcome to Bujinkan Ninjutsu

A traditional Japanese martial art

Discover the sheer joy of a Japanese methodology of experiencing the fun and friendship of studying martial arts, whether as a raw beginner or a more experienced practitioner. You are invited for a FREE taster to join Japanese trained Dai Shihan Marc Moor, who will be happy to teach the useful and valuable skillsets in the manner of the Far East, with simple and powerful movements that are not based on physical strength or physical fitness. The Japanese system is based within the nature of prolonged practice and gradual conditioning which is much easier, and more comfortable to get you into shape mentally and physically and to maintain you as such, at whatever level is best for you. 


This energy release will challenge and change your old habits and thoughts, with this increased power, flexibility and fitness you will easily attain your true potential. These Japanese ideas and principles will change your life within a matter of days with fun, valuable skillsets and new found friendships. This personal journey and development will be a massive confidence booster. 

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Budo Warrior Schools

Established in 1999 in Gloucestershire by Marc Moor, who adopted the historic Japanese battle ready system of Budo Taijutsu for this purpose. This first fully inclusive class, has over the years spawned a succession of other similar classes across the uk in such diverse places as Torquay, Basingstoke and Cardiff, in which  students regularly get together for larger training events, that have proven to be hugely popular social events also. 


From the ancient warrior to modern person Budo Warrior Schools encapsulates and constantly delivers the essence of Japan. 

Dai Shihan Marc Moor

Training continuously in martial arts since 1964 from the age of six. Marc moved to Gloucestershire in 1979 as a roving martial artist training within many styles, disciplines and systems. From the mid 80’s onwards he became an exclusive and dedicated practitioner of Budo Taijutsu, which inevitably led him to training and studying across Europe and Japan. 


Marc gained his 5th degree black belt and the title of Shidoshi in 1999, and subsequently opened his class in Gloucestershire. Continuing his regular training visits to Japan, Marc has been awarded his 10th degree black belt and the title of Dai Shihan, along with the Golden Dragon medal, the two highest possible awards, directly from Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi. 


Over many years the personal and practical experiences of Marc Moor, as personal bodyguard to exclusive high-net-worth individuals and families has intensely enriched his more traditional but boundless skill set, ready made for new students of all standards and experiences from raw and shy beginner to the accomplished and capable, making Marc Moor a vastly experienced and unique practitioner and instructor. 

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Contact Us

07776 202011  |

Montpellier Hall, Gloucester GL1 1LF (right next to Gloucester Park)

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Having trained with and seen several high-level instructors (including in Japan) in Bujinkan Ninjutsu I can say Marc Moor is one of the best. Very experienced, very knowledgeable, and very down-to-earth and approachable in his teaching. The friendly atmosphere is most welcoming and a great learning environment, something which is spread throughout the other dojos in Budo Warriors. I felt my training come on a lot during my time with BWS, it was unfortunate I had to move to the other side of the country, but still come back for the seminars.

James White


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